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                                                       What's Better than Low Cost ? FREE
                         Are you looking to attract more customers? You can do this with coupons.
                       Why coupons?  Consumers are attracted to discounts in the form of coupons.
                                    Let me ask you, would you give up 10.00 to make 60.00   
                                                          That is how coupon works.
Big business know this. That is why they have always used coupons to attract business. Consumers like coupons,
Statistic shows:
                       68% of customers say coupons generate loyalty (Read Cloud )
                       53 % of consumers indicate they invest over two hours a week looking for deals and                                  savings across the board (Valassis ) 
                       63% of shoppers say theyed use  more coupons if they would be available (Inmar )
                       97% s of consumers look for deals when they shop.  ( Hawk Incentives )
                       87% of all shoppers use coupons ( Bible of Advertising Industry )
                       95% of all shoppers like coupons ( Nielson Co, )
Coupons Help to:
                          1. Bring in new customers
                          2. Get consumers to remember your business when there ready to buy
                          3. And Get past customers to come back more often.
                          4. Increase sales and Generate repeat business
                          5. Improve your business reputation
Any Business can benefit by using coupons, Now you can use them to  At ZERO Cost.
 For a limited time we are offering FREE Service to qualifying businesses in Hawaii. 
We have a new, unique ,Affordable way to spread the word about your business. Helping you automatically acquire new customers while providing the tools too help you keep them. 
We offer the most powerful ,never before Interactive advertising on all the Hawaiian Islands.
Couple that with the distribution of thousands of Hawaii Savers Card ( Coupon Card ) Through out Hawaii we're sure to drive local consumers  to your place of business
For complete details read below and see what's included... P S... We are offering FREE Service  through the month of May for any qualifying local Business in Hawaii.  No Religion, Politics or sexual content will be allowed.
Sign up today on the Island of your choice below
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Check out these Incredible Features!

Reach 1000's of Potential Customers! 

If you aren't advertising on the Internet, you are losing customers!  Your business will be included throughout the directory, both under the category of your choice, and our complete list of merchant discounts.   When someone clicks on your logo, they will be taken to your own customizable "Business Showcase" Page, containing your discounts...and much more! (See below)


Our "Local Discount Card" will Drive Customers to YOU!

Our "Local Discount Card" is the Incredible Driving Force of our website.  It serves 3 purposes:
     1)  To get 1000's of local consumers to our website 
     2)  To introduce them to your business via your "Business Showcase" & Discounts
     3) get them to shop & spend money at YOUR BUSINESS! 

We are distributing 1000's of these cards around the area FREE OF CHARGE!   They come to our website to find
out what discounts they are entitled to....and that's where they find YOU!

When you sign up, all you have to do is log into your "Account Manager", add your Discount Card offers, and then honor the cards of the new customers that we drive to your business!  It's that simple!  Change your offers anytime....they are updated instantly!



Customizable "Business Showcase" Page!

When you advertise with us, you get the most innovative & interactive advertising in town!  Your "Business Showcase" page is a full web page containing your current discounts, but also so much more!  Fully customizable using our simple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor, all aspects of your "Business Showcase" can be updated instantly, right through your web browser.  Even if you aren't very "Computer Savvy", you will find it is very easy, and our tutorials are designed to make it a breeze.

Your "Business Showcase" Includes:
- Business Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail Address
   - Direct link to your website (if you have one)
   - Your businesses logo
   - Interactive Google map of your business
   - Up to 3 Local Discount Card / Coupon Offers
   - New!  Mailing List (see below) - Stay in contact with your customers...visitors can sign up for your e-mail list so
     that you can contact them about your discounts, special sales & events, announcements, & more!
   - Customizable Business Description (See below)

Get Creative!  Our WYSIWYG Editor (What you see is what you get) allows you to share any information you would like with our website visitors.  Tell them about your business, post your hours of operation, add pictures of your business & products, even videos!  Restaurants can even post their menus...there's no limitations!  The WYSIWYG Editor is easy to use, with a simple Microsoft Word-like interface....and it allows you to stay current with your customers and prospective customers as well. 


Here is what your business showcase will look like....Click the image above to view a larger version


Customer Subscription E-mail List (YOURS FREE! - A $50/month value)

As you know, staying in contact with customers and potential customers is one of the most important things a business can do.  When you advertise with us, our website visitors will have the option of subscribing to your e-mail list.  This allows you to update them on upcoming sales or promotions, new discounts, anything you want to keep them informed about! 

Other websites charge up to $50/month for this service alone!  We give it to you FREE along with the most interactive advertising in town.....





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