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 Big Business have used coupons to attract lots of customers.
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               When you use coupons you can attract more customers to your doors 
 Imagine if you wanted to buy a surfboard and there were 2 stores selling surfboards at 800.00 each One store had a sale of 25% OFF on all surfboards . Your cost on sale would be 600.00 the other store did not have a sale. Your cost 800.00. What store do you think you would end up buying your surfboard?
For the merchant who had the sale, How much do you think he made if the coupons attracted 5 customers ? The sale would bring in $ 3000.00
                                     This is how coupons work !
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We will drive consumers to the Discount website with our  Hawaii Saver's Card What is the Hawaii Savers Card? It's a FREE coupon Card that consumers can use to save all over Hawaii. They get the card from merchants, look at the Discounts, visit the store and when they buy they save.

Our Discount Website is like a Big shopping Mall and that every business have something on sale. Discounts always attract consumers. That is why when there is a sale at the Mall it is always busy. 
                             Coupons have always been popular with consumers.

 And when consumers find the Discount website they will find you

                                                                            Why Coupons? 
  •  63% of shoppers say they’d use more coupons if they were available (Inmar)
  •  97% of consumers look for deals when they shop (Hawk Incentives)
Coupons popularity is big.  Many people are out of work and need help in the form of coupons. Now you can help the community and at the same time profit.
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                    with our discretion. 


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